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Modeling is a glorious, glamorous career.
It’s also a serious and sophisticated industry.

Aspiring models need to learn the ropes … understand the demands …and explore all opportunities available before jumping into this exciting career!


It’s the only Academy that can provide you as much information, education, motivation and guidance within the industry that will prove a high value to your career, and be offered to you at an affordable price!

Here, you will find our professional team of Karen and Monica Sigal; backed by their credentials and years of experience, they will be your expert guides through it all!

Avoid wasting time, money or your talent on the wrong path.

What inspired Karen and Monica Sigal to create the new Sigal Model Academy? Protecting aspiring models from unrealistic expectations … bogus explanations … and scandalous exploitation.

Mother and daughter are both committed to candidly sharing the unvarnished truth about this often crazy and complex industry.

We’ll help you balance the highs with the hype,
the delights with the demands.



Exclusive Video Training & Webinars

Hosted by Karen Sigal, Monica Sigal or an Expert Specialist

— every month!


These Academy-exclusive webinars provide coaching and training on the most relevant topics for new and aspiring models.

We address specific challenges, skill sets and opportunities that can either advance -- or stall and sabotage your modeling career.

You’ll get professional advice, tips and insights about starting, developing and succeeding as a paid professional.

You’ll learn about preparation, posture, facial expressions, runway walking, print modeling, camera angles, little known options and much more.

Making the Right Impression

Casting Video

Master the art of having a presence, following directions and appearing confident and professional from the first day you enter a modeling agency or casting call. These crucial tips can help determine whether you’re hired or passed over.

The Art of the Pose

Training Video

Learn directly from Karen Sigal the most important skills that agencies and casting decision-makers expect you to know … so you walk, sit and stand in in the most flattering poses with ease.


Guide & Workbook

Get the “rules” of the game – exposing the dos and don’ts most new models aren’t aware of, the important skills to master, and the pitfalls to avoid in your first months and years in the industry. A must-have guide you’ll refer to again and again.

Showcase the Garment

Casting Video

Understand the rules of wearing clothes the right way to get booked in fashion shows, catalogs and other outlets. Exclusively created for Academy students, this must-know video material can make the difference between career stalling or success. You’ll want to watch it often to showcase your fashion at its very best.

Perfect Runway Walk

Training Video

“Owning” the runway is one of the crucial steps to career success for top industry models. This video covers careful pacing, posing, stride and attitude secrets. It also focuses on how to look your best as well as be your best for every booking. Develop the expertise and professionalism clients can depend on every time!


Additional Resources

  • Personal Laser Coaching with Live webinars from experts in the modeling industry
  • Facebook & Instagram LIVE Q+A with current, experienced Models
  • A growing community of aspiring models to get to know, learn from and encourage each other to succeed

Learn from a pro with expertise on all facets of the business!

Karen Sigal is not only a successful model with a 40-year career. She is also the CEO of one of the most respected modeling agencies in the business. Karen has booked models in print, runway, TV and other categories. She is also the mother of two models and knows the challenges new models face as they embark on their dream career.

Monica will address the needs of aspiring young models!

Gen-Z has unique needs as they plan for their future. Karen’s daughter Monica Sigal speaks directly to them. Through the Academy programs she addresses young models’  fears, understands their challenges and provides personal tips to ease their way into this multi-dimensional career.


If you are contemplating a modeling career for yourself or for someone you love, joining the Sigal Model Academy is the right step for you.

Get the support you need, the insights you want, the training you require along with personal coaching tips designed to accelerate


Our models have found work with over 100 major U.S. and International brands

What they are saying.

Sigal Model Testimonials

The Sigal Academy welcomes female and male models of all backgrounds and all ages over 13 years old.

Today’s diverse industry offers opportunities for a broad spectrum of new models.

You may be destined for a successful modeling career.

Get the answers, insight and support to make the right decision for you and your future.

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  • Professional guidance, advice & insights offered nowhere else in the modeling industry
  • 6 monthly video coaching webinars on timely and relevant topics
  • Exclusive personal laser Coaching to accelerate your success
  • Instructional training videos on key topics for new models
  • Printed & Digital Modeling Workbook and guides
  • Sigal Model’s Top 10 Model Tip Sheet


The Sigal Academy welcomes female and male models of all backgrounds and all ages over 13 years old. Today’s diverse industry offers opportunities for a broad spectrum of new models.

Enroll today to get started on the right track for you.

6 Monthly Video Coaching Webinars
Instructional Training Videos
Modeling Workbook
Tip Sheet
PLUS – Personal Laser Coaching

All this awaits you as an Academy Student  – for only $399!

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1 Payment of

$399 $450

Or just 2 payments of $220



The only academy that can provide you as much education, motivation, and guidance within the industry. No other modeling course or program can do this. It’s a value you will find most affordable.